Colloidal silver: Medical miracle in a bottle

Colloidal silver is one of those things you may have heard of, but don’t really know what it is or its capabilities.  I can’t even remember now what specific issue I was dealing with, if any, when I stumbled across colloidal silver, but I’m glad that I did.  And while it may seem expensive, I like to look at it in terms of it saving me a vet visit and prescription meds or a late night/weekend shopping trip to track down a treatment I need.  I can assure you, as many times as it has suddenly come in handy, how many things it can cure, and given how well it works without any negative side effects, I will not be without it.  You shouldn’t either.

What is colloidal silver?

Before I get into all the ins and outs of colloidal silver, first, let me tell you what colloidal silver is.  In short, it is a generic term for tiny, electrically charged silver particles that are suspended, usually in distilled water.  Depending on how the product is made, which can affect the size of the silver particles, it’s classified differently (such as a hydrosol, like with Sovereign Silver).

Most of what you see online or can make using your own colloidal silver generator is a form of colloidal silver called ionic silver.  Just to keep this all as simple as possible, I’m going to refer to both the ionic, like what Sovereign Silver is, as colloidal.  True colloidal silver is touted as being better than ionic, but those of us who have used the ionic, both commercial and homemade versions, have still had very good results using it.

Colloidal silver is known for its immune building, tissue regenerating, bacterial, viral, and fungal-fighting properties.  Basically, it’s a liquid antibiotic that can be used both internally and externally to treat a number of things in pets, people, and around the home.  It has been credited with curing everything from ear infections to Lyme disease in both animals and people.

The important thing to note about colloidal silver is that silver has been used for thousands of years to heal people and build up the immune system.  It was very popular until antibiotics came along.  As you can imagine, pharmaceutical companies would prefer you buy their products instead of using something that has been used successfully and safely for thousands of years that they can’t patent or make millions of dollars from.

A big problem with antibiotics though is the overuse of them has created superbugs that are antibiotic resistant.  Luckily, that can’t happen with colloidal silver and I read plenty of reports from users that used it to cure things when antibiotics couldn’t.

Colloidal silver and the FDA

While not approved by the FDA as a ‘medicine’, but instead as a ‘nutritional supplement’, manufacturer’s are not allowed to claim any healing properties.  However, the consensus from all the research I did, as well as my own experience, is that colloidal silver clearly does have healing properties.  This is despite the FDA making it difficult for the manufacturers of colloidal silver to advertise their products that way.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me that colloidal silver hasn’t been given the FDA’s blessing.  I’ve read plenty of negative things about how the FDA does things, mostly to appease deep-pocketed pharmaceutical companies.  My eyes were really opened (and disgusted) regarding the FDA when the prescription drug Previcox killed my dog Sadie a few years ago.

In my (too late) research of the side effects of Previcox, I discovered there had been a human version of the same drug known as Vioxx on the market.  The FDA pulled it from the market after it was killing people, but still allowed the pet version, Previcox, to be marketed to pet owners with the same deadly side effects.

If you missed that post, PLEASE read it and share it to help get the word out, so other pet owners at least know how dangerous prescription drugs are (especially NSAID’s) and blindly following their vet can be.  It also serves as a good lesson about who the FDA really looks out for.

The truth about colloidal silver injuries and death

The problem I ran into in my research of colloidal silver though, was like a lot of things you find online, contradicting information.  That can be scary to read if you don’t have the time to spend hundreds of hours combing through most of it, to determine who is saying what and why.  I read quite a few posts where people were understandably hesitant to take colloidal silver internally, just out of fear of some of the scare tactics used and the unknown.

The conclusion I came to in my extensive research is that more people are harmed or killed by over the counter ‘medicine’ and pharmaceutical drugs than they are by colloidal silver every year.  I googled “death from colloidal silver” and “injury/injured from colloidal silver”, as well as “injury to cat/dog from colloidal silver” in a few different wording formats and never found a single death or even report of injury.

The couple of mentions I found about colloidal silver causing any pain or issue at all was with humans and could be attributed to detoxification, which is not unheard of.  Possibly, those symptoms reported were not even due to the colloidal silver at all, and just a fluke that occurred while it was being used.

For the sake of argument, even if they were 100% legitimate negative reactions, I literally only found two in all the searching that I did for any negative reactions or experiences.  One complained of stomach pain after taking colloidal silver (not sure of brand, etc.) and the other was shoulder pain.  Neither provided any evidence to confirm their pain was for sure related to taking colloidal silver.

The myth that taking colloidal silver will turn you blue

The biggest scare tactic I found associated with the use of colloidal silver, and which nearly everyone knows about, and fears, is ‘Argyria’.  That is the name for the condition in which people turn blue or gray color from too much silver.  When I checked, there were only a handful of people who have turned up on the internet with the condition.  Every government/clinical source that clearly tried to discourage people from using colloidal silver mentioned it, but also mentioned that it was rare.

In my extensive research, I only found this one site, that really tells things like they are, including how silver, once the most well-known, effective, and safest medical miracles ever, was scrapped for antibiotics.  It debunks the ‘colloidal silver will turn you blue’ myth, as well as some other things I talk about in this post.  It is a very interesting read, to say the least.

Colloidal silvers’ history of cures

Now that I’ve hopefully established that colloidal silver is safe, let me tell you more about its abilities.  And by the way, many of these were backed up by testimonials I ran across in Facebook groups, forums, and product reviews.

Colloidal silver has been used to successfully treat and cure parvo, distemper, hot spots, burns, Lyme disease, prevent plaque buildup, kennel cough, allergies, tear stains, infections of all kinds, ringworm, eye issues, UTI’s, tooth and gum issues, bed sores, rosacea, cancer, coughs, sinus infections, warts, and many other things in both people and pets.

At this point, it would almost be easier to tell you the things I didn’t read about that it hasn’t been used on.  While nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of people/pets, I found the numbers to tip heavily to the side of it helping/curing more than not in most cases.

Just to prove my point, so you don’t have to take my word for it, here are (currently) 284 reviews of colloidal silver on WebMD.  WebMD does not make or sell colloidal silver, colloidal silver-making machines or have any benefit from publishing so many nearly 5 star across the board reviews about colloidal silver.  It’s funny how under their information portion of the page they make colloidal silver sound as bogus and useless as they possibly can.

I think all the lies and false information out there from supposedly “unbiased” medical sites is probably why colloidal silver isn’t as popular or mainstream as it should be.  Thousands of positive reviews and success stories can’t be flukes, no matter how hard so many sites like WebMD try to make them seem.  And if there were any evidence of it being dangerous AT ALL, big pharma and anti-natural treatment groups would be screaming for it to be taken off the market.  And it would be.

Because it kills bacteria, which makes food go bad, colloidal silver can be added to milk and cottage cheese to keep them fresh longer.  I also read one testimonial of someone putting it on their cat’s canned food with good results in both the food staying fresh much longer and the cat feeling noticeably better.  From bathroom mold being eliminated, cut flowers kept alive longer, plants helped, trash and pet odors eliminated, and as a safe disinfectant, colloidal silver’s benefits seem to have no limits.

The cure for the common cold and other illnesses

Many testimonials I read were from people who claimed they took it at the first sign of a sore throat or a cold and avoided getting sick.  Some take an ounce or two as a daily maintenance and have reported not being sick for decades since starting.  Many also reported taking a bottle of colloidal silver with them when they travel in case they get food poisoning or some other illness or injury that could potentially ruin a trip.

colloidal silver cats dogs

The brand of colloidal silver that I currently use and highly recommend, after initially buying another (cheaper) brand with mediocre results, is Sovereign Silver, pictured above.  I’ve been very pleased with how quickly it works whenever I’ve used it.

Here’s the link to the one I buy:  It is only the 2 oz. version, but if you want the more popular and economical 4 oz. version shown here, with over 1,700 reviews, you can get an idea of how many people are happily using it and read what they are using it for.

For those wondering if Sovereign Silver destroys the friendly and beneficial probiotics (i.e. flora) in their intestines when they ingest it, in their FAQ section, Sovereign Silver had this statement, “Taken orally as directed, Sovereign Silver absorbs rapidly in the upper gastrointestinal tract, leaving very little or none to interact with beneficial bacteria in the intestines.”

My personal experience using silver 

While I was writing this article, I put in some very long hours/days reading up and researching everything I could about colloidal silver.  The long hours of little to no sleep began to take its toll.  I sat at my computer one night noticing I wasn’t feeling well.  My head was hot, my nose felt stuffy, and I just had that feeling that I was coming down with something.

As I recently wrote about here,, liposomal vitamin C has been a game changer for me, knocking out anything quickly when I take it at the first sign of any cold symptom.  As I sat thinking how I better remember to take one of my vitamin C packets before/when I went to bed later, I realized I still had the colloidal silver bottle I photographed earlier and just started using on my dog, Abby, sitting nearby.

I’d just read about it stopping colds and all the other benefits that went far beyond my belief that it was just a good natural antibiotic.  Because I was in the middle of writing and didn’t want to spare that extra two minutes to go get the vitamin C, I grabbed the bottle, put a drop under my tongue, held it for 30 seconds as instructed, and went back to work.

It wasn’t until later that I realized I felt 100% better.  The colloidal silver had worked!  It had worked despite me only using one drop, instead of the manufacturer’s recommended one teaspoon.  Before this post was done, I successfully used it a couple more times.  I’m happy to report that it really does work on knocking out stuff that you feel coming on.

While it is more economical to go with the 4 oz. version, if you are just wanting to dip your toe into using colloidal silver, or funds are tight like mine are, you can start with the 2 oz. version.  It goes a long way with occasional or emergency use and will help you decide if it is something you want to keep on hand permanently.  It’s also under the 3.4 oz. rule for liquids on airline travel.

Learning the benefits too late

Researching and writing this post was so eye-opening for me to colloidal silver’s powers, I’m very upset at myself for taking so long to finally write it.  Because I really knew so little about colloidal silver’s full capabilities other than it being good at healing wounds and not having a taste or pain when applied, I knew it would be a labor-intensive post, and so it just seemed to get pushed back.

Once I decided to delve into colloidal silver and what it was all about and learned the history, I was surprised and excited at the possibilities.  It’s a relief to know I have such a strong, yet safe weapon in my arsenal of things I can use to help keep my crew and myself healthy.

I only wish I’d known more about colloidal silver’s capabilities and the dosing regimen sooner so maybe I could have saved my dog, Roxie.  Not even realizing it, I was losing her this time last year to cancer, thinking it was just a stubborn UTI, which my vet had diagnosed and prescribed antibiotics for.  Here’s that story if you’d like to know more about how a missed diagnosis and cancer blindsided me and what I learned from it all,

Coincidentally UTI’s are also cured by colloidal silver.  While I did give Roxie colloidal silver about midway through her illness, I didn’t fully understand how it worked.  Now I realize I didn’t give it to her in nearly large enough or frequent enough doses to help, which is very important when using colloidal silver to cure illnesses, especially ones like cancer.

I wonder if the reason colloidal silver wasn’t promoted as heavily as all the other natural treatments I researched is because of the bad publicity colloidal silver gets from sites like Mayo Clinic or WebMD that immediately pop up when you search colloidal silver.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have used colloidal silver from the start in large doses to hopefully have ended up with a different outcome.

My own personal experience using silver on my pets

Aside from Roxie, my animal treatment experiences with colloidal silver have all been successful.  They have included minor eye injuries, ear infections, pressure sore irrigation, hot spot treatment, and wound and incision treatment.  After discovering in my research that yeast infections and allergies could be successfully treated with colloidal silver, I was intrigued.  Those are two things I’ve struggled with completely eliminating in Abby, my labrador.

Recently, Abby had started rubbing her face/eyes on her bed and the floor, indicating they were itchy.  To test my newfound knowledge about colloidal silver helping, I put a drop of colloidal silver in each eye, a few drops in each ear, and 4-5 drops inside her lip.  I do this 2-3x a day.  The face rubbing stopped immediately and only resumed when I missed a dose.

Ideally, I would rather give her more internally, but I’ve only got my 2 oz. bottle, so I’m treating her conservatively there until I can make my own colloidal silver in large quantities and increase her dosage.

UPDATE:  8-7-18 —  In January of 2018 I bought the items necessary to build my own inexpensive colloidal silver generator, which I’ll be sharing more details about in an upcoming post.  This device actually makes ionic silver, but it still works well for everything I’ve used it for, which has included nearly eliminating Abby’s environmental allergies this year.  I add it to all of my pets’ water bowls and food (since my raw feeders don’t really drink much and I want them to get it).  I continue to use it for any issues they have with their eyes, ears, and whatever other spot needs some treatment (tick bite, hot spot, superficial wound, etc.) I add it to dog shampoo, put it in the water I water my plants with (both indoor and outdoor), add it to my homemade food things to make them last longer (like bbq sauce), and even use it in a spray bottle on myself to hydrate my face and as the liquid for applying my Crystal mineral deodorant stick.

Dosage Amounts

Unfortunately, when it comes to dosing colloidal silver, there are no exact guidelines.  In my research, I saw amounts all over the board.  Some recommended starting out with a bit higher dosage and then after a week or so, scaling back to a maintenance dose.  Others felt fine and did well on a very low dose of colloidal silver, while others preferred a much higher dose by comparison.

Since true colloidal silver is passed out of your body and there are no incidences of injury or death, don’t stress over the dosage.  If you want some guidance, there are a ton of resources online, including numerous colloidal silver Facebook groups that you can join.

For those just curious about a baseline of how much colloidal silver to take internally themselves and/or to give to their pets, below is just a  guide to go from.  Lower end amounts are for maintenance, while higher-end amounts should be used for treating specific ailments.

The number of dosages will also need to be increased from once or twice a day for maintenance to several times a day if you are trying to cure a specific ailment.  All of these amounts are just guides and can be increased if necessary, without concern.


  • Kittens: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon
  • Small cats:  Up to 1 teaspoon
  • Large cats:  1 to 2 teaspoons


  • Small:  1 to 2 teaspoons
  • Medium:  2 to 6 teaspoons
  • Large:  2 to 4 Tablespoons

Keep in mind that all of the information I read said when you are treating pets, it is best to give too much than too little when you are trying to cure a specific ailment.  My own experience with treating internal issues has produced noticeable results in hours administering silver every 2-3 hours.

Externally, I’ve had good luck putting the silver on wounds 3-4 times a day.  For ears, I’ve cleared up infections by administering silver to the ear  2-3 times a day.  Depending on the severity of the eye issue, 3-4 or so times a day has taken care of whatever the issue is.

I read numerous reports where people would just set out a bowl of pure colloidal silver to let their pets drink from, and many reported their pet often chose it over their regular water bowl right beside it.  Others just added colloidal silver to their pets’ water.  Putting it in the food or directly in the mouth are also options.

People (based on the back of my Sovereign Silver bottle)

  • Maintenance:  1 teaspoon   Once daily
  • Immune Buiding:  1 teaspoon   3x daily
  • Long-Term Immune Support:  1 teaspoon   5x daily
  • Treatment for a specific ailment:  1 teaspoon   7x daily

When colloidal silver is taken by mouth, my bottle says to hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.  Most people reported just swishing it in their mouth for a minute or so before swallowing.  Both are done to get the colloidal silver into the bloodstream.

More resources

If you’ve been following along with me here on my blog, you know that I reference often because over the years I’ve gotten some really helpful information/cures there.  When I went to my trusty site to see what they had to say about colloidal silver, it appears I timed my post about right.

Both their human  and pet pages on colloidal silver are new, having been published only within the last month.  While still providing useful information, once the pages have been discovered and more people leave comments, I have no doubt they will provide very helpful advice.

For now, though, earthclinic still offers an excellent, albeit a very abbreviated version of things colloidal silver can be used on.  Some recommended dosages are listed and commenters have shared the amounts they used to treat their particular ailment.  Overall, I still think the site is always a good place to start.

Final thoughts

If you, your pets, or anyone in your household does happen to have a health issue, I strongly encourage you to look into colloidal silver for it.  I was truly amazed by how many things colloidal silver has been attributed to curing.  And for it to do so so inexpensively and without dangerous side effects or drug interactions?  It’s no wonder everyone with money to lose from this secret getting out tries to keep it buried.

There are websites, Facebook groups, and forums all out there full of people with amazing stories to tell about health issues they have overcome thanks to colloidal silver.  Just read the Amazon reviews, if you are short on time, to get a good idea of how well and what it works well for.

If you know anyone who could benefit from colloidal silver, especially with cold and flu season coming up, please do them a favor and share this post with them.  Please also share it with your pet parent friends whose pets deserve good health as well without expensive and dangerous drugs.  It’s time the world knows the real truth about colloidal silver and its amazing benefits.


Have you ever used colloidal silver successfully?  Please share your experience in the comment section below so we can get the word out about this little-known miracle cure.


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14 thoughts on “Colloidal silver: Medical miracle in a bottle

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful, Tamara. I know it really opened my eyes to the full capability of colloidal silver. I’m excited to make my own and getting to work using it on a variety of various things.

  1. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this article, you are are fantastic :).
    God bless you.

    1. Aww..thanks, Elly! I’m glad you found it helpful. Since writing this post, I have used it several more times for several different things and it continues to be one of my top go-to and highly recommended products.

  2. i have a bottle of silver wings colloidal silver 250 ppm i want to use it on my cats ears, i have 2 cats that get yeast infections and nothing helps. i feed my cats a raw diet so is there a way to give this too them.

    1. Mary Lou, colloidal silver can be given both externally and internally without any harm. You will want to dilute it though, to probably around 20ppm, which is what is intended with that high of a product. You can add it to their food, give them a bowl of it to drink or add some to their drinking water, and also put it directly in their ears without any harm.

      A good resource I’d recommend for you is to join the Facebook group ‘Colloidal Silver for Pets’. They are very helpful and there may be others that have some experience with this issue that can help give you guidance. Yeast is often a result of an allergy of some kind (food, environment, etc.), so colloidal silver may not help if that is the underlying issue. It won’t hurt them to give it a try though.

  3. My 10 year old cat has been loosely diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. She is on a regimen of anitbiotics for 3 weeks. So far no change. In reading about this condition the options are few and expensive with little chance of cure. Do you know of any success stories using CS. I have started to squirt some up her nostrils.

    1. Cyd,

      I do not have any personal experience with chronic sinusitis, but I have treated several other issues using CS (since this article) with much success. I looked up ‘chronic sinusitis’ in the search bar on the Facebook group ‘Colloidal Silver for Pets’. Spraying CS into the nose was suggested, as well as nebulizing it, adding it to food and water, and someone even suggested making sure to feed raw or wet food to make it easier for the cat to breath.

      I recommend joining that Facebook group and getting feedback from others there, but in the meantime, I would definitely recommend adding CS to your cat’s food and water. You can’t give too much CS and it won’t harm other cats if you have more than one in your household with no health issues. Giving too little will be of little or no help. Even if it’s another issue causing the sinusitis, CS will likely help, the key is just to give enough of it.

  4. Have 70 pound black lab with toe infection. Want to spray CS on th einfected toe. CS does kill bacterial and fungal infections right ??


    1. Hi Chip,

      Sorry for the late reply, your comment got hung up in my spam folder. 🙁 Yes, colloidal silver will be great for your dog’s infected toe. Spray/apply it a few times a day until it is healed. I would also add it orally either by food, water, or just a dropper into the mouth. Remember, you can give too little, but you can’t give too much when it comes to colloidal silver. There are no negative side effects to colloidal silver, so it’s best to go at whatever you are dealing with with guns (CS) ablazing. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this article. I’m about to try colloidal silver in my cat’s mouth — I hope it works, it’s a better solution than removing all of her teeth and she really seems to be feeling badly. Thanks for your research, links, opinions, experience, and the time you’ve put in on this article!

    1. Christa,

      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving such a nice comment! I actually had to use colloidal silver on one of my cats’ mouths shortly after I wrote this post and am currently working on a post about it to be published soon.

      In the meantime, colloidal silver should definitely help with your cat. Just remember, don’t be shy with administering the colloidal silver. My cat was drooling, had very bad breath, and not eating or cleaning. It came out of nowhere on a Saturday afternoon, so I grabbed the bottle of colloidal silver and started giving it to him. What ended up giving him the best relief was two dropper fulls ever 2-3 hours for several hours (I stayed up all night with him so he didn’t miss a dose). By the next day, he was much better, so I backed off to two dropper fulls every 3-4 hours until he was eating again, then I added it to his food also, in addition to still putting some drops in his mouth. He eats raw, but since I knew his mouth probably hurt, I gave him some soft food, just to get some food in him. By Monday, he was so much better, we didn’t need to go to the vet and in the next couple of days he was back to 100% with no problems since. I do add colloidal silver to their raw meat and he also has a bowl of colloidal silver to drink from.

      I can’t talk highly enough about colloidal silver and since writing this article, it has come in handy on several other occasions. It’s just amazing how something so simple works so well.

  6. Thank you!!

    It certainly seems like it’s better to try this than to go for heavy medical intervention at the vet right away. Anaesthesia, tooth pulling, blood tests, etc. are pretty extreme for an 18-year-old darling.

    I’ll let you know how it goes! Starting today.


    1. I agree! I used Sovereign Silver brand on my cat, which I have a link to in the article and also on my ‘Shop’ page, but I will tell you, we went through A LOT of it, so make sure you have a good sized bottle of it, as you don’t want to run out with the weekend coming up. And not sure what brand you are using, but I had another brand before Sovereign Silver that didn’t work nearly as well, so if you don’t see marked improvement within a day, you might need to try a new brand.

      I sure hope the colloidal silver works as well for your baby as it did for mine. Please do share your experience.

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