The Dogs


Rescue Date:  7-30-14

Current Age:  Approx. 10-12 years old

Bio.:  Lacey just showed up in the yard one day, but refused to let us near her for the first few days.  Eventually, she relented and we all became friends.  After a trip to the groomer that ended with a complete shave to get rid of years of severe matting, she became a happy and spunky member of the family who acts like a much younger dog with lots of pep in her step.  The vet that checked her out after she first arrived thought she looked like a wooly husky.  Lacey doesn’t like thunderstorms or being brushed out, but takes everything and everyone else who comes along in stride.  While not a big fan of the cats, they all have come to an agreement to just mostly ignore each other.  Lacey’s favorite activities include being chased and digging, whether for field mice in the pasture or moles in the yard, she’s relentless.  Sadly, recently Lacey has had trouble hearing, but having a daily routine and hand signals are helping her cope.



Rescue Date:  1-27-15

Current Age:  Approx. 4-5 years old

Bio.:  Jake was found wandering on the road off my drive.  He was scared and distrustful, but luckily, he was hungry, so we were able to bring him in with patience and canned dog food.  We quickly found that men in hats upset him greatly, even to this day, except for his friends, the UPS and FedEx driver.  We have no idea what breed(s) Jake is, but he can run like the wind and has huge feet.  He loves to chase critters and has tons of energy.  He is very protective of the yard and when he’s not chasing away things he doesn’t think belong, he enjoys playing with Ruby.



Rescue Date:  4-8-16

Current Age:  Approx. 2.5-3 years old

Bio.:  I found Ruby a couple of miles from my house at a house where she’d been at for a few days, where the homeowner was not feeding her in hopes that she would go away.  Fearing she would be hit and heartbroken to hear her story, I brought her home.  As a young dog, she’s full of energy and curiosity.  Ruby is happiest when she’s either running outside, chasing a poor squirrel or rabbit or as close as possible to me, when inside.  In her perfect world, I would have no other animals that wanted or needed attention and there would be endless amounts of tennis ball throwing and bully sticks, her two favorite things.



(my only non-rescue ever)

Birth Date:  4-20-08

Current Age:  10 years old

Bio.:  Abby was a gift from my parents for my birthday.  Seeing firsthand just how many unwanted dogs are out there needing homes, I was against ever buying a dog.  I already had several rescues and was conflicted that she’d take up valuable space that I would need for a dog that might come along that had no other options.  She was absolutely adorable though, as all lab puppies are, and probably my only chance of ever owning the ever-popular Labrador Retriever, so I accepted my 8-week old birthday present.  Abby is the only dog I’ve ever owned that I know the exact date of birth, lineage, and background.  She’s also the only dog I’ve ever had that picked out their own name.  As I was going through possible names, I asked her if she liked, among other names, Abby?  She barked.  Two more times I asked her if she liked other names, and again, she only barked when I said ‘Abby’.  She was a crazy hoot for the first three years, at times making me wonder what my parents had gotten me into, but once the puppy stage was over, she settled down and has become a great dog.   Abby is tolerant but uncomfortable around the cats when they get too close or are playing too hard too close to her, except Julien, who was persistent in his show of affection, until Abby just gave up and now lets him rub up against her and headbutt her as he wants.  Kittens, to Abby, are the people equivalent to spiders.  Abby thinks everyone new she meets is exclusively there to give her attention.









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