How I used a homeopathic remedy for my cat’s vomiting

Homeopathic Remedy for Vomiting

With 10 cats and dogs, and several bad vet experiences under my belt, I spend countless hours researching and learning ways to safely treat my pets.  While I’ve known about homeopathic remedies for a while and how well they can work for cats, dogs, and humans, this experience really cemented how useful they can be in times of crisis and encouraged me to learn even more about them.

For those unfamiliar, homeopathy is best described by as the following:

Homeopathic Remedy for Vomiting

Someone is suddenly sick

A few months ago, I discovered one of my cats had gotten sick in the garage where several of them had congregated.  I wasn’t sure who it was, but by the looks of it, it was due to someone just eating too much food at one sitting.  I cleaned it up and thought nothing of it.

A few hours later, I found another large pile of undigested food at the opposite end of the house near the cats’ door.  Nobody was acting out of the ordinary, but since anyone getting sick around here is pretty uncommon, finding a second pile of nearly identical undigested food was definitely concerning.  Slightly more worried, I decided to be more watchful of all of the cats and at the next feeding time to see if I noticed anything being off with anyone.

Determining who was the sick cat

During the next feeding, my oldest cat KK came in and started to eat.  He immediately regurgitated a clear slime along with the piece of meat he’d just tried to eat.  I instantly knew who was the one having the issue.  My next step was to determine why.

Being around 10 years old and the cat I’ve had the longest, I know KK’s habits.  I know he doesn’t go around eating things he shouldn’t and I don’t keep any medications, poisons, pills, vitamins or anything that would potentially poison one of my pets anywhere that they could get into.  None of the other cats, who were eating the exact same food, were showing any symptoms or problems.

Thinking maybe KK just had an upset stomach that was repeatedly being upset by him trying to eat, I decided to fast him for a few hours to see if I could get his stomach to settle down.  He was content to just nap on the couch as I continued to work and monitor the other cats who were eating and going about their day without any issue.

When fasting and colloidal silver doesn’t work

After a few hours of no food, I decided to give KK some colloidal silver to make sure he didn’t become dehydrated and also kill any potential bugs that might be causing the issue.  I administered two droppers of colloidal silver into his mouth and then sat back and pet him for being such a good patient.  To my surprise, after a minute or so, he threw up the water.

Seeing KK throw up the colloidal silver really bothered me.  It is just basically water, so if he couldn’t even keep water down, I knew I had a bigger problem on my hands.  Having never had this happen with any of my cats or dogs before, I immediately began researching what the cause could be.

The remedy that I wish I’d had on hand

As I researched, I determined that the best thing to try on KK was the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica. Homeopathic remedies come in the form of tiny little pills, about the size of BB’s, that can be crushed and the powder put in the mouth of the pet where it is absorbed into their system.  It wouldn’t require KK to be able to keep anything down in order to get the treatment.

A recent book I’d purchased, A Healer in Every Home, has several homeopathic remedies for things like vomiting, surgery recovery, bee stings, accidents and trauma, and several other situations with recommendations for homeopathic remedies.  It also tells how to administer them.  That book is where I ultimately ended up getting all the information on what to give and how to give it to KK.

Checking the cabinet, I found that while I had several homeopathic remedies for various things, Nux vomica was not one of them.  Frustrated, I tried to find a store nearby that would be open late or 24 hours that carried homeopathic remedies.  There were none.  Nothing else I was finding seemed like a good option or that I had on hand, so I was stuck.

Homeopathic Remedy for Vomiting

A vet visit to rule out anything serious

Luckily, KK was not showing any other symptoms that were giving me any cause for immediate concern.  Will and I discussed the situation and agreed that unless KK showed remarkable improvement and started eating and drinking without vomiting, I’d call the vet at 7:30 am when they opened and take him in to be checked out.  Depending on the results, we’d go from there.

Given his age and the fact that in our over seven years together, KK had never had a blood test done, I felt like maybe it was a good idea to go ahead and get one to rule out anything serious.

After staying up with KK until about 5:30 am, making sure his situation didn’t change or get worse, I decided to take a nap until the vet office opened.  I put him on a towel next to me on the bed with my electric blanket on and dozed until the alarm went off for Will at 7:20.  I then called the vet’s office when they opened and got KK an appointment for that morning.

Before we left for the appointment, KK tried to eat again and immediately threw up.  Hating to put him through a distressing 40-minute car ride, I put some Bach Rescue Remedy on his ears to be absorbed since giving him anything by mouth wasn’t an option, and loaded him into the carrier for our trip to the vet.

KK’s blood work is normal

At the vet, KK’s blood was drawn and everything came back fine.  The vet and I discussed the situation and I agreed to have KK get some fluids subcutaneously since he hadn’t been able to even keep water down for several hours.  ]

Even though KK wasn’t even really dehydrated, because I didn’t want us to get into a bad situation in case the Nux vomica didn’t stop his vomiting, I felt like it was a good idea for him to get the fluids.  After seeing his puffed up little body oozing the liquid, I was even more upset at myself for not having Nux vomica on hand.  Having it would have prevented me from having to put my poor sweet cat through so much stress.

In addition to the fluids, the vet offered to give KK the anti-vomiting drug Cerenia.  Since I already had my plan for his treatment as long as the blood work was ok, I declined.  For anyone wondering, this is what the manufacturer of Cerenia has to say about the side effects of Cerenia: “The most common side effects seen in dogs and cats administered CERENIA are pain/vocalization (injectable), depression/lethargy, anorexia, anaphylaxis, ataxia, convulsions, hypersalivation, and vomiting.”

I don’t know about you, but there is no way that drug with those awful side effects would ever be my first choice for treatment.  Instead, I left it with the vet, who is conventional, that we’d just see how KK did that day in case it was just an “off day” he was having and if need be, we’d come back.

Basically, I had my plan, but I’ve butted heads with this vet clinic and another vet I normally see whose day off it was that day, so I just decided to not share my plan for using a homeopathic remedy.  Instead, I just wanted confirmation that KK’s issue wasn’t due to some health crisis that needed treatment beyond a homeopathic remedy for vomiting.

I paid the $256 vet bill and then drove over to the health food store and picked up my $7 homeopathic remedy and headed home.  In my book, it said that if Nox vomica didn’t work, Arsenicum (album), which is good for food poisoning, and covers watery diarrhea, which I wasn’t sure that KK had, as he hadn’t used the litter box, was also a good option.

Unfortunately, the health food store was out of the Arsenicum, so I chose another remedy they had listed for vomiting, as I wanted to cover all of my bases.  According to what I’ve read, homeopathic remedies tend to work quickly if they are going to, so I wanted more than one option to help KK.  The health food store is quite a ways from home and I wanted to get KK on the path to recovery sooner rather than later.

Giving KK the remedy

Once home, KK, who was quite hungry by now, rushed past me to the food bowls and began to eat.  Even though I’d just spent a lot of money in town, I secretly hoped that he was able to eat the food without any issue.

Unfortunately, as I set my stuff down and headed towards him to monitor things, I saw him quickly regurgitating what he’d just tried to eat.  Probably because he was very sad, KK walked out of the room as I rushed to find the Nux vomica I’d just purchased.

Even though according to my book, adding the pills to water and then vigorously hitting the bottle against your hand, known as succussing, gives you a more potent concoction, I didn’t feel we had time for that, nor did I trust that KK would be able to keep any liquid down.  Instead, I took two pills out of the bottle, crushed them between a small piece of paper, and slid the powder into KK’s mouth.  A couple of hours later, I repeated the process.

For the third dosing, I’d found a small glass bottle with a dropper and followed the instructions in my book on how to make the remedy more potent.  Once I had the pellets in the water and the mixture mixed per the instructions, I put the drops in KK’s mouth.  To my relief, he kept the liquid down.

About a half to an hour later, KK tried to eat.  He was able to eat and keep it down just fine.  I was so thankful and relieved, but I went ahead and gave him the drops a couple more times over the course of the evening and the next day, just to make sure he didn’t have a relapse.  I’m happy to report that he didn’t and he’s been fine ever since.


I still have no idea what caused KK to vomit every time he ate or drank that day, and whatever it was never affected any of the other cats.  Luckily, he bounced back quickly and hasn’t had any more problems, but I will definitely be keeping Nux vomica on hand from now on.

If this post inspired you to learn more about homeopathic remedies, ‘A Healer in Every Home‘ is a great resource if you are wanting to dip your toe into homeopathic remedies.  While I don’t agree with everything in the book, like using peroxide on open wounds, and am sad it never mentions using colloidal silver, which I swear by for treating many things, overall, it’s a pretty helpful book.  At only 134 pages, it’s much easier to navigate than some of my other books.

In the future, I’d also really like to add this book, to my arsenal of information on using homeopathic remedies to treat my pets.  I’ve read some really amazing stories about homeopathic remedies and as a staunch supporter of any treatment that doesn’t have dangerous or deadly side effects, I feel like homeopathy is another arrow in my quiver of treatment options.





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2 thoughts on “How I used a homeopathic remedy for my cat’s vomiting

  1. Thank you for the information, CC. Once again, I learned something valuable from one of your posts and have added the Nux Vomica to my Amazon shopping list. You have been on my mind so much lately. I’ve been thinking of you and Will and praying for peace and comfort for the two of you because of the terrible tragedy of losing Moose. I’ve been hoping that the two of you are drawing some comfort from the wonderful memories you shared with Moose. I just wanted you to know that someone has been thinking of you guys.

    1. Hi Gail,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so glad you found this information helpful!

      As far as your kind words regarding Moose, thank you so much for them and for thinking of us. It is still extremely difficult getting used to our new normal, but we are slowly getting there. We so appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness about our loss. It is very heartwarming to know there are people that care so much and understand our grief.

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