Below is the link to my Amazon page where I list some of my favorite products or ones that I’ve researched and haven’t bought, but recommend based on my research.

I’ve written a little note on each product indicating why I love or recommend it.  I’ll be regularly updating my list as necessary, so be sure to check back often.

(Disclaimer: I make a small commission on any purchase you make through my links, at no additional cost to you.)


2021 is my 21st year of taking in the dumped and abandoned cats and dogs around me.  With currently 10 cats and dogs, and only Will’s modest income to support all of us, I have to be very frugal and creative to find ways to make extra income from home.  In addition to the little bit of income generated from this blog in Amazon purchases and donations, I also have a care package business that I am constantly working on to expand and offer items that no other care package company offers.  If you have a need (or are just curious!) for a care package or know anyone else that might be, please pass along my information.  With so many care package companies out there, I can’t afford to pay for high-dollar advertising, so I have to rely on word-of-mouth to help get the word out.  Thank you for your support!

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