Why I recommend small prescription amounts

pet prescription medication

Most people probably never think twice about getting a prescription from their vet and administering it to their cat or dog.  While I do, I’m still susceptible to learning lessons that I feel are important and want to pass along to help others.  My most recent experience with a couple of my dogs serves as a valuable lesson about asking lots of questions before the prescription is written and why I recommend small prescription amounts so you don’t end up with a large private pharmacy collection of expensive, unreturnable medication.

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Lacey’s Story

Three years ago the end of this month, a smelly, messy, long haired dog with bright blue eyes, poor treat taking manners and food aggression, showed up in the yard. In over 14 years of living here, not a single dog had ever come down the long drive to the house and hung around.  They had all stayed up on the road where there was traffic and where they had been dumped out, waiting for their owner to return. Maybe Lacey was different because she had just wandered off or was older.  Possibly, because the time was nearing when I had to let Justin, my 14-1/2-year-old dog go, Lacey was sent to help take away some of the pain.  Or maybe it was just fate for her remaining time on earth to be spent in a loving home.

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The truth about veterinarians


Veterinarians.  The people we entrust with our pets health in good times and in bad.  While I truly believe veterinarians do the best they can, given what they have been taught and believe, and really do care about our pets, I also know that at the end of the day, they are only human, and as humans, not above making errors or being influenced by money.  Blindly following them (sometimes against your gut feeling) without question can be detrimental to your pet’s health and/or your wallet, as I’ve experienced first hand on a few occasions.

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