How I cured my dog’s separation anxiety

How I cured separation anxiety

In April of 2016 on my way home from a quick visit to town, I stopped at a house just a couple of miles from home to let the homeowner know that their puppy was about to get out on the road where it could be hit.  It turned out, like so many of my other innocent trips out over the years, that was the day my timing of being out coincided with a dog that desperately needed saving.

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Stomatitis symptoms and colloidal silver

Treating stomatitis symptoms with colloidal silver

Up until last Fall, I’d only used colloidal silver randomly for small things on my crew like eye injuries, ear infections, and on Abby’s incisions after her lipoma surgeries.  I had, however, seen enough, read enough, and used it on enough things around the house to know it was one of those things I’d be keeping on hand for the next time someone in the house had anything wrong with them.  Little did I know my need would be sooner rather than later with a very sick cat.

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Why being informed is so important

Why being an informed pet owner is so important

For over a month now, I’ve been working on a post about products that have killed many cats and dogs.  It’s taking much longer than I’d planned because I had no idea what I was opening myself up for when I decided to compile a list of the major offenders in one place for pet owners to find.  During all this research, I’m continuing to run across pet owner after pet owner who is putting their pets’ health in immense danger.  The reasons vary from the owner being too trusting of their vet, believing the risks are not worrisome enough, or they just don’t want to/care to spend the time or effort to even research the product or to go the safer, but longer route for curing an ailment. Read more

The importance of picking the right mate

Pets and relationships

No, I’m not talking about a mate for your cat or dog.  I’m talking about a mate for yourself.  Finding someone who shares your outlook on animals and their well-being is important.  When it comes to pets, I think people often underestimate how important having the support of their partner really is.     Read more

Why I don’t like breeders

Why I don't like breeders

Cat and dog breeders.  These are people that I find myself thinking about often.  Maybe it’s because I look around at my mix of 10 purebreds and mixed breeds and wonder how they ended up here and if the people who intentionally or unintentionally produced them even care where all those puppies or kittens ended up.  Or maybe it’s because I wonder how so many people can knowingly contribute to pet overpopulation, which in turn, leads to millions of cats and dogs being killed each year.   Read more

Why I fast my dogs

Why I fast my dogs

As many of you may know, there has been quite a bit of news out there lately about the health benefits of fasting.  I actually personally do it myself and have even incorporated it into how I take care of my dogs.  I think we are all exposed to more toxins than ever and anything we can do to try to help prevent disease in ourselves or our pets is something worth looking more into.

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Building a strong bond with your cat

bond with cat

While cats are known to be pretty independent and optional obeyers to us humans, there are things you can do and not do, to build a strong bond with your cat.  By following these tips, you can build a bond that is just as strong or stronger than the ones normally reserved for dogs.  And unlike dogs, who sometimes require food as bribery, cats, who usually are not so easy to manipulate, will choose to obey you without any food enticement.

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Treating arthritis in dogs

Treating arthritis in dogs

One of the saddest parts about being a dog owner is watching them suffer from arthritis.  Whether the result of a medical condition (like hip dysplasia) that makes them prone to arthritis, the breed, an old injury, or just old age, arthritis can strike a dog at any age.  If you notice your dog walking stiffly, having trouble getting up from a sitting or lying down position, or hesitance jumping on the bed, there’s a good chance your dog is suffering from arthritis.

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Water intoxication and your dog

Dogs drinking too much water too quickly can be deadly.

While on one of my researching missions last fall, I stumbled across a blog post from 2013 that someone had written about water playtime being deadly for dogs.  The author used words I’d never seen or heard of before, ‘water toxicity’ and ‘Hyponatremia’.  After I read the post and the sad comments that had been left by owners who had tragically lost dogs to Hyponatremia, I knew this was a topic I had to write about to warn other dog owners.

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