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A few years ago, while online looking up how to cure one of many things I’ve looked up over the years, I ran across an invaluable website.  I have found it very helpful for treating different ailments in both my animals and myself since then.  The funny thing about this website is, most of the natural remedies can be found in your kitchen and they really do work.

While I have not always found or used the remedy supplied for what I was looking for, the times I have used whatever was recommended, I have been very pleased with the results.  I’ve also found some other information that I’ve got stored away in my head for future reference/needs based on some of the rave reviews of how well it works. (i.e. DMSO)

The site I’m referring to is  It’s a very easily navigated site where you can look up ailments for both yourself and your pets.  Most of the ailments are treated with things like Apple Cider Vinegar, which I highly recommend every person have in their arsenal of ‘On-Hand-At-All-Times’ things.  Just make sure to get the kind with “the mother”.  As its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, it isn’t hard to find locally and the number of things it cures in people and pets is just staggering.

Instead of going to the vet or doctor for every little issue that arises, I head over to to see if there is a remedy.  They have remedies for treating things from anxiety to warts and almost everything in between.  With charts showing the most recommended remedies for that ailment by popularity, it’s easy to narrow down your options and what is recommended the most without spending a lot of time reading through all of the comments.

I have treated a cats’ UTI (Upper Respiratory Infection) with Lysine and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) successfully, thanks to this site.  There have been other things that have come up with my pets as well, that I was able to get ideas, guidance or a cure for without a costly vet visit.  In recent years, I’ve had some very expensive and awful conventional vet experiences, that I’ve detailed here, to warn others. Whenever I can avoid going that route and go with the more natural remedies without jeopardizing my pets’ life, I do.

Over the years, I’ve also collected some natural pet health books written by holistic vets.  I’ve found them very helpful when I can’t quickly or confidently find what I’m looking for at  My books usually always give dosage recommendations too, which is sometimes nice when it comes to giving your pets anything internally.  I wrote a review of them here,  In conjunction with each other, and my own researching via google, aside from emergency type situations, I find there has been very little I haven’t been able to cure on my own.

I’ve also used’s remedies on myself a few times too with very good results.  Once, while cooking I didn’t realize one of the front burners on my stove was still hot and tried to wipe off some crumbs.  I ended up burning my pinky finger and the outside edge of my hand.  Since I never burn myself, I had nothing to treat burns with and it was a hard place to try to hold ice on.  I ran it under cold water and then headed to to see what they had to say about treatment.  Surprisingly, they highly recommended of all things, aluminum foil.  Even though it sounded crazy, I was in pain and desperate, so I grabbed some out of the pantry and wrapped my finger in it.  Lo and behold, before long my finger stopped hurting.  I followed up with some lavender essential oil and in a few days, my finger and hand were as good as new.

While it might not be a cure-all site for every ailment that you or your pet have, it is definitely a very helpful site and worthy of bookmarking for future reference.  It’s nice to have a place where you can quickly go to look up ailments that you can treat yourself at home without expensive vet or doctor visits, or dangerous drugs.  It also beats having to go buy some pricey specialty medicine for that one injury/ailment/issue that always ends up expiring before you use it all.







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