Why I started this blog

There are several reasons why I decided to start this blog.  One big reason was to warn dog owners of the potentially fatal drug, Previcox.  It is probably just known generically as an anti-inflammatory.  Sounds harmless, right?  Wrong.  Actually, beyond wrong.  But I’ll get into all that in an upcoming post.  You won’t want to miss it, I promise.

Other reasons I wanted to start this blog are to educate others about some of the things I’ve learned along the way in taking care of my current six cats and four dogs, including sharing important information I’ve had to learn the hard way, such as 50% of dogs over age 10 get cancer.  I had no idea until it was too late.  I’ve also been through my share of vets for various reasons and I’d like to share why and what to look for in a good vet.  Also why you shouldn’t trust them unconditionally.

And lastly, I want to share tips and tricks for products and websites I’ve found that have really changed my life or that of my animals.  Instead of going up to random strangers, which I’ve done, to let them know of a good product or website that would help them, this just seemed like a little less crazy way to help others.  I’m a helper.  I’m also a saver, researching and reading up on products and topics that will benefit whatever issue (medical and otherwise) that I or one of my animals is having.  With ten animals, saving money is not an option, it’s a necessity.  I know that feeling is not just exclusive to me and my situation, but to all pet owners of all sizes.  I have so much to share, I’m honestly giddy with anticipation.

In between all the important stuff, I wanted to share my stories of what life in the country with ten cats and dogs (at the moment) is like.  Dull, boring, or mundane are words that will never be used.  I think they’re entertaining and I hope my readers do too.

I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter, invite your friends along, and enjoy the ride.  The strangers at my grocery store will thank you.

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