The Cats


Nickname:  KK Rumba

Rescue Date:  4-26-2012

Current Age:  Approx. 8-10 years old

Bio.:  KK was my first cat rescue and the oldest cat in the house.  He got his name after I decided to keep him and decided he needed a more manly name than the ‘kitty kitty’ I had been calling him.  I called him ‘KK’ one day and he responded, so it stuck.  He takes every new animal that comes along in stride and never shows anything but acceptance/his signature calmness to new cats and kittens.  He acts more like a dog than a cat.  Always comes when called.  Enjoys summer and sunbathing, being a lap/footrest cat to his mom, stealing empty lawn chair seats, getting the adults of the house to play his ‘chase me’ game (he sees you, cowers down a little bit in a sort of ‘dare’ for you to crouch down in return and then lunge at him.  He then spins out while making a little squeaking noise and runs away).  KK is extremely loyal and will take on any dog he feels is being too rough or aggressive to his mom.  He’s also very smart and minds extremely well.


Nickname:  Ju Ju, Ju Ju Bean, Julienuary, Rico Suave

Rescue Date:  11-28-13

Current Age:  Approx. 6 years old

Bio.:  Julien was the second cat to the household and fit in like he was always here.  He’s very lanky and always has a leg hanging off the cat tree or whatever he happens to be perched on, looking all cool, resulting in the nickname ‘Rico Suave’.  Julien was named after King Julien of the lemurs in the Madagascar movies after going by ‘Little Bit’ for a while as we tried to find the right name for him.  One day, he was standing up on his hind legs, looking out the window with his tail curled up and he reminded us of King Julien, so that became his new name.  Julien prefers to do his own thing and likes his space.  He has the longest set of whiskers and tail in the house and he is the only cat that Abby (my yellow lab) will let rub up against her, headbutt her or get very close to without discomfort.  This feat is only because Julien wore her down by refusing to accept that she did not reciprocate his love or find him adorable.  At around 13 lbs., Julien is one of the bigger cats in the household, who always comes when called and is an excellent tree climber.


Nickname:  None

Rescue Date:  3-14-14

Current Age:  Approx. 6 years old

Bio.:  Sissy belonged to an elderly woman who passed away, leaving no good options for a new home.  She was used to coming in and out as she requested, which was how my household was currently operating and having only two cats at the time, I agreed to give her a new, permanent home similar to what she was used to.  ‘Sissy’ as we named her, since she really didn’t have a name, was on edge from day one.  To this day, she continues to be very cautious and careful of her surroundings.  She really doesn’t like any of the other cats too well and often can be heard hissing at them if they look at her wrong or get too close.  She, however, is able to do as she pleases and they are expected to be understanding.  She prefers to eat alone and will sit silently in front of the empty food bowls until she is noticed and fed.  On the other end of the spectrum, she comes to me and is extremely lovey dovey, which is not her real persona, indicating she would like food.  Sissy does not play with the other cats, likes to do her own thing, is an excellent tree climber, hunter and leg rubber upper againster, especially when you are outside calling and whistling for someone, as if to say “I’m here, I’m here!”  She is always one of, if not THE first cats to come when called.  Given her nature of superiority over all others, she’s been the hardest one to break of getting on the countertops.


Nicknames:  Coop De Ville, Cooper Dooper, Coop-a-doop, Coop

Rescue Date:  9-27-15

Current Age:  3 years old

Bio.:  Cooper was one of three siblings (including Rosie and Stormy) that we found a little ways up the road.  They were barely noticeable sitting all huddled on a giant dirt road clump as we passed by.  When I got out and walked towards them, they scattered like fish.  Luckily, when I called sweetly, they all came bounding back out of the weeds, woods and underbrush.  They couldn’t have been any older than 8 weeks old.  They were so tiny!  We brought them in, fed them, gave them baths to clean them up and get rid of the fleas and began accustoming all the other animals to the new, erratic little arrivals.  Cooper is one of the fiercest hunters of the family, but yet doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.  He’s always extremely sweet, likes to massage things, always comes when called, gives head butts and cuddles in bed.  As a young kitten, I taught Cooper to wait for my signal before just leaping into my lap.  He will come sit at the base of the chair and look up at me, sometimes making his little chirping sound and if I tap my chest, that gives him the go ahead and jump up on my lap.  If I happen to be busy working on my computer, he will just go on about his business.



Nickname:  Rosie Posie

Rescue Date:  9-27-15

Current Age:  3 years old

Bio.:  Rosie was one of three dumped kittens (along with her two brothers, Cooper and Stormy) that were driven out to the country and left.  Luckily we found them before the coyotes, a car tire, or any other possible dangers could.  Rosie is the smallest one of the cats, but one of the bravest.  She will be the first one out the door or cat door to follow if you have to rush outside at night to see what the dogs are barking at and will follow to the scene of the commotion!  She’s like a little black shadow that always comes when called, enjoys getting in open cars and loves to be part of the action, no matter what that is.  As a young kitten, I taught Rosie to get permission from me before just jumping into my lap.  She gets behind the chair and meows at me to let me know she would like permission to board.  I will tap my outer arm, giving her permission to jump up on my lap where she will walk across my lap, put her bushy tail in my face, then settle down in the crook of my arm and start massaging it as she cocks her head and goes to sleep.  Other times she will reach up, grab my shirt and pull herself over onto her back where she will curl up her feet and go to sleep in my arms.  Being adorable is her best trait.



Nickname:  Moostafa

Rescue Date:  9-9-16

Current Age:  Approx. 4-5 years old

Bio.:  We ran across Moose while we were looking for one of our missing cats, Cooper and Rosie’s brother, Stormy.  We didn’t find Stormy, but as fate would have it, we got as close to him as possible in Moose, who turned up at a house about the time Stormy went missing.  The person didn’t want another cat and wasn’t feeding him, so he joined our crew.  For some reason, Moose was one of the hardest animals to find a name for.  Due to his large stature, in part to his long hair, and big fluffy tail, the name ‘Moose’ finally seemed to fit him the best.  Moose is a bigger cat at 14 lbs., but still loves to be held and loved on and is definitely the most talkative of the cats.  He comes inside ‘talking’ and if he’s feeling neglected or thinks he’s alone in the house.  Moose has a playful side when it comes to toys, leaping and pouncing around, being silly for such a large cat and always comes when called.



Those we’ve lost—


Disappeared 8/12/16 at around 13 months.  He was such a character and we still miss him every day.  In losing Stormy, we found Moose, who was not being treated very well, so as I’ve found so many times when one animal leaves, another takes its place, maybe it all happened for a reason.  Moose is so similar in mannerisms to Stormy, like diving under the dog bed and then moving around with it on top of him, and where and how he’ll lay and sleep, and just his sweet personality in general, it’s like we still do have a sizable part of Stormy with us.



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